Corporate Sales

Your trusted Apple Authorized Reseller caters specifically to corporations

We specialize in providing exceptional technical assistance and services, delivered by authorized professionals, exclusively tailored for corporate clients.
In addition to our comprehensive range of equipment offerings, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of businesses like yours.

What we do

All-In-One offer designed specifically for corporate customers

Experience our specialized AppleCare solution tailored exclusively for corporations,
where we go beyond simply selling Apple products.


Apple Authorized Reseller

We cover all products from Apple,
and offer AppleCare service specialized for corporations.

Link to various services

Link to our additional services
specifically tailored for corporations,
including Carriers, Solutions, and MDM.

Safety stocks

We prioritize the efficient management of
safety stocks, ensuring they are handled
separately from our working inventory.

We specialize in creating exclusive corporate store platforms
designed specifically for corporate executives and staff members.

We specialize in building corporate stores tailored specifically for corporate environments.
Our corporate stores provide a seamless and convenient shopping experience,
enabling corporate executives and staff members to purchase a comprehensive range of Apple products.


Corporate store platform

Create a store platform design suitable for the enterprise environment
Operate the store exclusively for enterprise employees

Configure all products of Apple

Available to sign in and purchase after verifying your employee eligibility
Configure the product in consultation with enterprise customers

Trade-in & Upgrade

Connect Trade-in Solution
Upgrade the product specification as per customer request

Beyondtech offers the greatest technical support service in Korea.

We're available to hold a seminar on a variety of topics from the introduction of Apple MDM & ABM to management cases by each company.
To use Apple devices effectively, Apple experts from Beyondtech provide you with the systematic teaching optimized for enterprise environments.


Possess professional skills for Apple MDM & ABM

MDM: Mobile Device Management
ABM: Apple Business Manager


Hold an unchallenged position in this industry for engineer licenses

macOS Support License
Jamf Pro Certificate Professional

We connect maintenance services with reliable security, ensuring high-quality outcomes.

We offer maintenance services that significantly reduce the workload for enterprises.
Additionally, we provide maintenance services across various fields, including asset registration, asset management, ticket management, and shipping management.


ITSM System

Support asset management and asset registration via Service NOW
Ability to process tickets for available assets
Proactive notifications for the asset to be discarded & Trade-In service
Ability to manage and maintain the asset management system independently

Connect asset storage and shipping system

Understand asset informations and run tests before shipping devices
Automate asset registration and shipping
using the Beyondtech logistics system

Technical support & maintenance

Suggest the usage plan of Apple devices
OS support services in case of personnel changes
Provision of asset testing services prior to the release of a new OS