R&D Center

In the era of Fourth Industrial Revolution, Beyondtech R&D Center is leading the industry of metaverse, NFT, digital content protection

Successful achievements in system integration, mobile service, digital content distribution & management & analytics and protection, etc.


Research Area

Reality technologies such as Metaverse and NFT, and digital content protection

National R&D Project

Core technologies in culture technology field, expanding research area to artificial intelligence and artificial reality for Fourth Industrial Revolution with new services and products


Digital content protection solution, video filtering solution, MDM solution and mobile magazine solution

Research Area

National R&D Project

- Cloud-based remote storage evidence collection and copyright Infringement data DB development
- Development of trust-guaranteed metaverse media service platform technology
- Development of blockchain-based copyright protection and utilization technology to support large-scale virtual performance platforms

- 360-degree video asset recognition technology and profit model development of selective copyright protection mechanism

- Development of BitTorrent-based content legitimate distribution technology with copyright technical measures

- Research of National R&D Copyright Management Services
- Technology of License Traceability and Usage Analysis for Personal Content Distribution


Digital Content Protection Solution
Video Filtering Solution
MDM Solution
Mobile Magazine Solution

System Builds

Apple Mac Interface SW
Samsung Kies Software
LG U+ WebHard SW
Korea Copyright Commission - Distribution analysis, tracking management system, etc. of illegal reproduction
Korea Copyright Protection Agency - Digital Copyright Exchange, SW inspection tool, etc.
Korea Communications Standards Commission - Automatic digital sexual harassment information monitoring system and many others

키워드- 문장 유사도 산출

문장 순서- 문장 유사도 산출

저작물 유통

콘텐츠 유통

ODRL- 저작물 유통

네트워크 품질 관리

360 영상상저작물

딥러닝- 불법복제 영상 판단

특징점- 불법복제 영상 판단

360 원본 영상 검출 장치

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