Localization Services

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We have the expertise, technology and skills to make sure your content is understood in any language. We specialize in localizing software, marketing materials, and multimedia content across diverse platforms. Our expert team is dedicated to providing top-notch localization services for macOS/iOS operating systems, Siri, Apple applications, documentation, and comprehensive language support. With our expertise, you can confidently expand your reach, engage with your target audience, and deliver impactful marketing campaigns that resonate globally.

What we do


Translation Services

Ensures a consistent and streamlined translation process, delivering industry-leading quality for all your language localization requirements.


Engineering Solutions

Specializes in a wide range of engineering tasks, including building, compiling, file management, UI modifications, and conducting pseudo-localization tests.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Encompasses the perfect blend of speed, scalability, and specialized technical skills. Rest assured, we deliver exceptional testing and quality assurance for your localized products.


Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Strives for the highest quality in all aspects of DTP work, including the finalization of PDF files.
Trust us to deliver polished and visually appealing content.


Multimedia Localization

Extends to recording and editing by experienced voice actors, ensuring high-quality localization of your multimedia projects.


AI Data Services

Provides the foundation for advanced AI systems. Trust us to deliver accurate and reliable data solutions to fuel your AI projects.

Our Accomplishments

Your trusted provider of localization services across diverse fields. With our unique and specialized expertise, we go beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional localization solutions.

Operating System Updates

Mac OS 9 and later updates

Localization Services for Operating Systems

Mac OS X 10.0 - 13.x

Software Localization

- iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and other Apple software such as Keynote, Numbers, Pages
- Professional software such as Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Swift Playgrounds, Apple Configurator
- Apple software user guides, hardware manual, and Tips

Technical Project Localization

- Claris FileMaker v10 - v19

- Printer-related applications from Canon, HP, etc.
- Security & network software and training videos from McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, etc.
- Dropbox user guide, website and apps

Document and Website Localization

- Marketing resources and user guides
- Training web pages and Apple websites
(Provided voice-over and created multiple training videos such as iPod Tutorial, Why Mac, iLife Tutorial)

Interested in Freelancing?

Beyondtech Inc. welcomes software translators looking for a challenge.

  • Recruitment Process

    Step 1: Resume/CV
    Step 2: Translation test

  • Preferred Qualifications

    CAT Tool proficiency
    Fluency in English
    Industry experience

  • Necessary Documents

    Resume/CV (detailing your work history)
    Email to